The Consortium

The consortium of the Giraff project involves institutions and companies from six countries:

Participant organisation name  Country 
Örebro universitet (Coordinator) Sweden
Lund universitet  Sweden
Universidad de Malaga  Spain
Giraff Technologies AB  Sweden
Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche  CNR-ISTC Italy
Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche ISTI Italy
IntelliCare - Intelligent Sensing in Healthcare, Lda  Portugal
Tunstall Healthcare  UK
Mälardalen universitet  Sweden
Örebro County Council  Sweden
XLAB Slovenia 
Azienda sanitaria locale Roma/A Italy
Distrito sanitario Costa del Sol  Spain
One of the major responsabilities of the MAPIR group in this project aim at improving the mobility of the Giraff platform and coordinating the integration of the different sensors and components within a functional prototype.
Three major issues will be addressed here:
1) Reliable but inexpensive surrounding perception. Among other alternatives we will study short range laser scanner and recently appeared 3D cameras (Kinect, from Microsoft). 
2) Giraff self-localization. We will implement specific self-positioning algorithms based on the data provided by the selected sensor. 
3) Reactive navigation to nearby places. This requires the implementation of algorithms for free space detection and Giraff motion generation toward the target while taking into account non-holonomic constraints and the shape of the platform.